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girls on paper. [limited edition prints]

of every drawn girl i’ll print a limited edition of 100 handmade silkscreen prints. your favourite is missing? contact me: post(at)banam.art

  • girl „blooms bouquet“ ltd.

    For each girl there is a limited edition of 100 pieces produced by screen printing. after the girl on a swing, the girl Bloom Bouquet is […]

    200,00 inc. Vat
  • girl “balloon” ltd.

    In childhood, a balloon filled with gas was a highlight at town festivals and was taken home as souvenir where it went up to the ceiling […]

    100,00 inc. Vat
  • girl “sisters” ltd.

    …of course, siblings usually go separate ways in the course of a lifetime. But the feeling of connection is always there and noticeably different from other […]

    100,00 inc. Vat
  • girl “don’t be afraid” ltd.

    girl “don’t be afraid”. one of my most emotional girls. The love of parents for their children is one of the most powerful in this universe. […]

    100,00 inc. Vat


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