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10. January 2021

story of the girl „blooms bouquet“

it has long been in my mind to draw a girl of gratitude. my girl’s bouquet is so big and heavy that she almost can’t lift […]
3. January 2021

the art studio renovation progresses

Almost four months have passed. There has never been a time in which I was so intensely busy with renovation. At the beginning I documented every […]
23. September 2020

story of the “balloon” girl

In childhood, a balloon filled with gas was a highlight at town festivals and was taken home as souvenir where it went up to the ceiling […]


girls on paper. [limited edition]

of every drawn girl i'll print a limited edition of 100 handmade silkscreen prints. your favourite is missing? contact me: post(at)banam.art

girls on clothes.

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