25. September 2018

morning. moment. silence.

13. July 2018


This beautiful elaborately designed lettering is dedicated to our parents, without whom we wouldn’t be alive. available on shirts right now:  
6. July 2018


Now come the appropriate label to each article before the shirts go online.
29. June 2018

finally… (part 4/4)

i spent another day in my studio and this time finally with success. the ink coverage looks nice, the black is replete on the textiles and the […]
5. June 2018

girl mustache – two colour textile print (part 3)

Okay… i payed the tuition. it’s enough. i’m so frustrated when i’m doing something and it does not work as i imagined before. printing white surfaces […]
29. May 2018

so rad!

Today i got probs by streetart_official, an instagram account with round about 289k followers. these are moments when an artist can determine if his art is really […]
29. May 2018

more equipment needed

After having problems with the two-color printing on the first try i found out that i made a mistake while drying the printingcolor. i used a heat […]
10. May 2018

imagine it’s war and nobody is watching

30. April 2018

girl mustache – two colour textile print (part 2)

Yesterday i made my first experience with a two color silkscreen print. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked like i thought because i had problems with the consistency of […]