29. May 2018

more equipment needed

After having problems with the two-color printing on the first try i found out that i made a mistake while drying the printingcolor. i used a heat […]
10. May 2018

imagine it’s war and nobody is watching

30. April 2018

girl mustache – two colour textile print (part 2)

Yesterday i made my first experience with a two color silkscreen print. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked like i thought because i had problems with the consistency of […]
27. April 2018

website update

This feels like the eighth relaunch of my website. I’ve decided to simplify the page. So far, i’ve always made it unnecessarily complicated and worked with […]
17. April 2018

girl mustache – two colour textile print (part 1)

i got the silkscreens of my first two color print today. i’m very nervous and can’t wait so start printing!
14. April 2018


beautiful color combination on that wtf picture
11. April 2018

time machine

sometimes it’s time for a time machine…
10. April 2018

new postcards available

new postcards available in my online-shop
6. January 2018


banam girl doodle. first experience with a white colored wood pen.