everything else that does not fit into a funky category

29. May 2018

so rad!

Today i got probs by streetart_official, an instagram account with round about 289k followers. these are moments when an artist can determine if his art is really […]
27. April 2018

website update

This feels like the eighth relaunch of my website. I’ve decided to simplify the page. So far, i’ve always made it unnecessarily complicated and worked with […]
11. April 2018

time machine

sometimes it’s time for a time machine…
26. June 2017

listen. “violine” playing in bayreuth

8. January 2017


9. February 2016

listen. “violine” playing in tübingen

23. December 2015

girl on a swing #animated

18. December 2015

girl catching stars #animated

30. October 2015


…like it’s hooooot