digital room

creating a new room.

when I was looking for a house years ago, I already had a vision of my own art studio at home. a studio that should be located on the same property as my house was my absolute dream. With an oversized garage, the dream was within reach. the garage, where once a truck without trailer was parked, consists of a large room and an attic. besides this large garage there is also a small garage.

the attic was not expanded and the idea with the intermediate level came quickly. the idea is to get a large room were art with brushes and paint, with pens and spray cans can be made in the future. on the intermediate level digital and multimedia things can be realised. and the attic becomes a multifunctional room for chilling out, for coming down, and also for enjoying sofa concerts. the space is not big, so the sofa concerts will be rather small but very personal.

In the meantime, the basic framework of the intermediate level, which can actually only be reached via a ladder, has been built. the floor is fixed and the holes, which were created by removing 1/3 of the attic floor, must be closed.

in addition, i removed the old floor covering in the attic because it was covered with oil paint, which is harmful to health. now I installed a new wooden floor, the same as on the second level. i got the wood directly from an old wood factory.

in the course of this I also installed 62 meters of cable in the floor for the lighting in the main room. the old attic hatch is also closed now so it’s not so dangerous anymore to work in the attic.

So there are already a lot of decisions to make and it’s a lot of fun to plan and finally be able to rebuild the studio.

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