story of “sisters” girls

There are countless constellations of connections between people in life. The social environment is formed in the course of a lifetime and naturally has an influence on every personal development and on one’s own life story. First friends, for example, can usually be found in the neighbourhood or later in kindergarten. Who you meet and under what circumstances naturally depends on where and when you were born. You get to know each other, find common interests, take an interest in each other and cultivate a friendship or relationship. You experience joy and suffering and go through good and bad times. And it is always up to you to decide to break away from this connection, for whatever reason.

With sisters and brothers it’s different. There’s a basic connection. The same mother. It is not possible to change this fact, it’s a special connection.

Of course, sisters and brothers usually go separate ways in the course of a lifetime. But the feeling of connection is always there and noticeably different from other connections. I’m sure that even sisters and brothers who are at odds with each other cannot forget each other and start thinking about each other from now on.

Best is when sisters and brothers are not only sisters and brothers but also very best friends and their connection lasts all their life. They are always there for each other, in good and bad times.

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