an experience of freedom

An essential part of doing my art is the annual trip to a city, together with my friends Sharon and Hakan. It’s a small but intense break from our everyday life. A regulars’ table meeting that lasts for three days. It’s a friendly threesome full of respect and harmony. A modern adventure that feels unique. The opportunity and chance to look at other people’s everyday life from the outside instead of having to be part of the stream by yourself. But also a time when we miss our families very much and are happy that we’ll be back home soon.

On the way we’re looking for the perfect locations to leave girls there. It gives me great pleasure when people become aware of my girls, they start to think about them, ask questions, deal with them and in the best case find similarities. Touching people on an emotional level.

By the way, we don’t damage any substance here. Selected walls are mostly in a desolated state or smeared or bombed with graffiti. The paste we use dissolves completely in contact with rain. It’s left to chance. How long a girl remains pasted isn’t comprehensible but it’s very likely that the next time we go there the pasteups will be completely gone. It’s a thing for a moment, which we’re enjoying very much and only capture it in form of pics.

We had to postpone our tour this year due to Corona. At the moment it seams like we’ll travel in October. We’re incredibly looking forward to the trip.

The pictures of the last city tours are now available on t-shirts. A wearable picture book of each adventure.

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