i'm an artist and an artists are always in a game to earn money with art to be able to invest into their art to develop and grow. there are several ways to support me with my girls and projects. of course, it's not only a taking it's also a giving.


banam girl of choice painted on your wall

  • you organize a wall were i can paint a girl
  • tell me which girl you would like to have on that wall

  • Support me by covering the costs for:

  • colours and spraycans
  • accessories for painting
  • arrival and departure
  • accommodation and food
  • fee of 100€ per day

  • if you are interested, please send me an enquiry via my contact form. Feel free to tell me your thoughts and ideas.


Support me by a donation

Here you have the opportunity to support me by making a donation. For years I have been investing the income generated by my art in new tools and in the renovation of my banam Art Studio. Unfortunately, this costs a lot of time. And time is my biggest opponent in my personal development as an artist.



Companies that have supported me so far:


Friends and more that have supported me so far:

Sharon Z.
Hakan T.