with this tag you can see more stuff that what you can see on my social media channels. it’s something like behind the behindescenes.

6. July 2018


Now come the appropriate label to each article before the shirts go online.
29. June 2018

finally… (part 4/4)

i spent another day in my studio and this time finally with success. the ink coverage looks nice, the black is replete on the textiles and the […]
5. June 2018

girl mustache – two colour textile print (part 3)

Okay… i payed the tuition. it’s enough. i’m so frustrated when i’m doing something and it does not work as i imagined before. printing white surfaces […]
29. May 2018

more equipment needed

After having problems with the two-color printing on the first try i found out that i made a mistake while drying the printingcolor. i used a heat […]
30. April 2018

girl mustache – two colour textile print (part 2)

Yesterday i made my first experience with a two color silkscreen print. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked like i thought because i had problems with the consistency of […]
17. April 2018

girl mustache – two colour textile print (part 1)

i got the silkscreens of my first two color print today. i’m very nervous and can’t wait so start printing!
13. July 2013

creating a font

I started to develop my own font. unfortunately, i sketched and finished only the letters of b a n a m, a heart, an exclamation mark […]
27. December 2010

swabian spaetzle press