story of the “balloon” girl

In childhood, a balloon filled with gas was a highlight at town festivals and was taken home as souvenir where it went up to the ceiling and stuck there for a day before it started to shrink and lost height.

As a teenager, the gas was inhaled and the funniest part was the sound of the voices, similar to Donald Duck. And the exciting part was always, that nobody knew whether it was harmless to health or not. It could be similar to strabismus, where the position of the eyes stands still and cannot be changed again. So in the end it was not clear if someone of the inhalers will speak like Donald Duck forever..!

However… a balloon is a positive symbol that is associated with a beautiful event. My balloon girl has a dressy look, full of detailed patterns, wears a headband and sunglasses. She is happy and proud holding this balloon full of love in her hands.

She is the eighth girl I’ve drawn, finished on the 05th April in 2013. The proportions have been already on point, even if this girl has been one of the first in the girls family.

girl “balloon” is now available as limited Edition Print
(100 Pieces, signed and numbered)

And also as other stuff…

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